PH.D. Graduate Assistantship - Michigan State University

Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering - Agricultural drainage

A graduate research assistantship position is available in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University. The overall goal of the project is to evaluate the performance of a saturated buffer in southeast Michigan. The student will quantify the nutrient (N and P) load reduction resulting from this practice. S/he will implement DRAINMOD to model the impact of different management practices on water quantity and quality. Other areas include but not limited to fate of water and nutrients in a saturated buffer, improve the design of a saturated buffer in terms of the hydraulics, and determine the P balance.
S/he will collect manual and automated water samples, download data from data loggers, analyze water samples using the Gallery Discrete Photometric Analyzer, process water quality and quantity data, conduct field experiments, collect soil samples, write manuscripts and dissertation, and other related work. The student will be expected to work in the field and laboratory. Experience in subsurface drainage is preferred.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Ehsan Ghane ()