Important program requirements and a recommended timeline for the program requirements to be fulfilled.

When do I register for the next semester?

Registration is done by levels and Graduate Students are among the first group. Approximately the 4th week of the semester (see calendar table). It is important to do this according to the timetable or within a few weeks of the timetable. This is the first step in the automated system indicating that you are continuing student. Registering early or on time will ensure your estimated tuition bill will be emailed to you.

How do I complete registration?

File the estimated tuition bill via LionPATH before the start of the semester. You will receive an email letting you know that your bill is ready for payment. New students may need to check with Amy Maney if their bill is not available at the start of the semester. There can be a delay if the paperwork for your graduate assistantship appointment has not been processed. Regardless of funding, i.e. Graduate Assistantship, Fellowship, or self-funded the tuition bill must be filed to complete registration. If the bill is not filed before the start of classes your account will be frozen and among other things you will not be able to adjust your course schedule. Detailed information can be found on the University Registrar's website.

What does it mean to be continuously registered?

Register as a full time student every semester (excluding summer)

  • For M. S. students, full time is 9 credits
  • For Ph.D. students before completion of the Comprehensive Exam, full time is 9 credits.
  • For Ph.D. students after completion of the Comprehensive Exam, registering for ABE 601 is considered full time.

Why do I have to complete Semi Annual Progress Reports?

  • Self-evaluation - determine if you are on schedule to graduate as planned or adjustments are necessary.
  • Feedback from adviser - determine if there are any issues that need immediate attention.
  • Database - Serves as database for sharing information with the college and/or Graduate School such as average time to graduation, number of graduates per academic year, and number of students on fellowships, assistantships, self-funded (no individual name and/or information about individual is shared; information is for statistical purposes only)

When and how do I activate my intent to graduate?

During the first week of semester in which you intend to graduate. (example: plan to graduate in May you would set your intent during the first week of Spring Semester.) Setting your intent is done via LionPATH. If there is any chance you will be graduating in a given semester, go ahead and activate the intent to graduate. It is much easier to remove your name from this list if it turns out you won't be graduating than it is to add you late. There are no repercussions for activating and then deactivating.

What is Thesis Format Review and where?

To review the format of the thesis, not content: Thesis Office at the Graduate School.

International Students

Many VISA's require students to be full time. Full Time Status is being registered for 9 or more credits. Part time student status less than 9 credits and requires approval by ISS (forms available online or at the University Office of Global Programs, International Student Services ISS, 410 Boucke Bldg.).

Exam Information

How do I schedule my exam?

  • M. S. students schedule their final oral exam with their committee.
  • Ph.D. students must schedule their exams (Candidacy, Comprehensive and Final Oral) with their committee and submit the form to the Graduate School at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date. The Graduate School requires that all Ph.D. students be registered during the semester of any exam. This means that if you plan to take an exam during summer you must be registered/scheduled for at least 1 credit for the summer.