Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Design and build a sustainable future.

The cutting edge of emerging technologies, tools, and concepts for sustainable food and fiber systems and biorenewable products.


Biological Engineering Major

Focused, hands-on preparation for work on tomorrow’s bio-based green economy, delivering abundant food and biologically-based products while reducing environmental impact. We imagine, design, and build equipment, technology, and methodologies with a constant eye on sustainability, safety, and efficiency. Biological Engineering joins the incredible resources, prestige, and talent of the Penn State College of Engineering with the real-world, problem-solving focus of the College of Agricultural Sciences.

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BioRenewable Systems Major

BioRenewable Systems students jump feet first into the technology, business, and science of agricultural production and biologically-based product development. BioRenewable Systems is at the forefront of advanced machinery, precision agriculture, plant-based alternatives to petroleum products, and sustainable materials. This learning-by-doing course of study challenges students to enter the industry career ready.

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