Assistant Professor - North Carolina State

Assistant Professor in Plant Food Processing - Supporting the NC Food Manufacturing Initiative (NCFMI)

The Assistant Professor position is responsible for the development of extension and research programs that directly support the NC Food Manufacturing Initiative and align with the goals and activities of the North Carolina Food Processing Innovation Center in Kannapolis, NC. The goal is to accelerate the growth of food processing and generation of value added products that diversify and expand the manufacturing of safe and nutritious foods in North Carolina. The successful applicant is expected to:

  • work with the Food PIC leadership and broader NC State extension programs,
  • serve as a resource for a variety of stakeholder needs, including assistance with setting up small-scale operations; design/ sourcing equipment; developing/validating novel processes; improving product quality; technical services and training on product, process, and compliance issues, and
  • develop a nationally-recognized research program focused on advanced plant-based food or ingredient processing that will assist industry with current and anticipated needs.

QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. in food science/engineering or related field with relevant experience in plant food and/or ingredient processing is desired. Preference will be given to individuals with training/experience in advanced food technologies including but not limited to advanced thermal and non-thermal processing, and extraction and purification technologies as applied to plant-based foods. Industry development and commercialization experience of novel food technologies is considered a positive.

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