Environmental Modeler/Geospatial Scientist - Stone Environmental Inc

Montpelier, VT


Position Summary
Stone Environmental is seeking a talented individual with a background in the physical sciences and excellent quantitative skills in environmental modeling and one or more of the following: GIS/spatial analysis, computer programming, database analysis, or statistical analysis. This person will support environmental and agricultural modeling projects within the Environmental Systems Modeling team at Stone — a group of diverse, highly motivated environmental scientists, engineers, GIS specialists, and computer software developers.

General responsibilities will include:

  • Integrating spatial analysis and mathematical modeling in environmental and agricultural sciences;
  • Computer programming to enable efficient processing of environmental datasets and model customization;
  • Environmental database compilation and analysis;
  • Application of hydrologic and water quality models at field, farm, and watershed scales;
  • Collaboration with team members and clients to understand project goals and objectives;
  • Ensuring high quality scientific analysis and project deliverables, including technical reports and presentations.

 Required Skills
The following skills are required to be considered for this position:

  • Spatial analysis using ArcGIS or open source GIS software;
  • Scientific computer programming, with proficiency in at least 1 of: Python, R, VB.NET, C, or FORTRAN;
  • Experience in relational databases, including PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Microsoft Access;
  • Creative thinking and problem solving;
  • Self-motivation and keen attention to detail;
  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills and subjects;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to work as part of a team.

Desired Skills
The following skills are beneficial, but are not required for this position:

  • Experience in regulatory agrochemical fate and transport modeling in water, soil, and air;
  • Experience performing spatial analysis with large national-level environmental datasets including: NLCD,
  • STATSGO, SSURGO, and NHDplus;
  • Knowledge or experience in application of agronomic, hydrologic, or other environmental models;
  • Knowledge of agronomic practices in the United States, Canada, and Europe;
  • Statistical/probablistic analysis;
  • Web site development, including mapping applications.

Education and Experience
Master’s degree or higher in the physical sciences (e.g., agricultural/biological engineering, civil/environmental engineering, hydrology, atmospheric science, chemistry, or related environmental/geospatial field). One to two years of post-graduate experience in a scientific or consulting position in a relevant field is required. Additional advanced degrees may substitute for work experience.

How to Apply
Please visit our company website at to download an application form. Send a completed application form, cover letter and résumé by post or e-mail to:
Ms. Joanne Perry
Stone Environmental, Inc.
535 Stone Cutters Way
Montpelier, VT 05602 USA
Fax / 802.229.5417
E-Mail /

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