We encourage Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Management majors to take courses which broaden exposure to ways of thinking and how to understand diverse perspectives to open possibilities for meaningful communication across social boundaries.

It is well documented that diversity enhances excellence and innovation. 

Following is a selection of courses that"

  • are directly related to topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion, including a historical perspective of structural racism and challenges to it can increase awareness and inclusiveness
  • will fulfill general education requirements not prescribed by the BRS major

Course Suggestions

Course Number Course Title General Education Attributes
AFAM 105N  Afro-Latin America: Race and Revolution  IL, GH, GS, Interdomain 
AFAM 152  African American History  US, GH 
AFAM 114N  Race, Gender, and Sport  US, GH, GS, Interdomain 
CMLIT 101  Race, Gender, and Identity in World Literature IL, US, GH 
PHIL 9  Race, Racism, and Diversity  US, GH 
AED 225  Diversity, Pedagogy, and Visual Culture  US, GA 
ANTH 45N  Cultural Diversity: A Global Perspective  IL, US, GH, GS, Interdomain 
WMNST 105N  Living in a Diverse World  US, GH, GS, Interdomain 

Additional opportunities for more depth in diversity, equity, and inclusion are listed on the Minors page.