Opportunities exist for ABSM majors to develop areas of interest by obtaining a Minor.

Early planning with an advisor may allow you to add depth and breadth to your college career and help you to attain additional personal and academic goals. (Note: A grade of C or better must be earned in courses applying to a minor). A minor can be declared after a student reaches third semester standing or has been accepted into a major. Several minors fit well into the BRS curriculum.

Category Minor
Technology Off-Road Equipment
Technology Science, Technology, and Society
Technology Geographic Information Systems
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Agronomy
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Watersheds and Water Resources
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Mushroom Science and Technology
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Animal Science
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Horticulture
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Energy, Environmental & Mineral Economics
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Environmental and Renewable Resource Economics
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Forest Science
Agricultural Sciences and Environment Environmental Resource Management
Business and Leadership Agricultural Business Management
Business and Leadership Legal Environment of Business Biology
Business and Leadership Labor and Industrial Relations
Business and Leadership Business (offered by Liberal Arts)
Business and Leadership Dispute Management Resolution
Business and Leadership Economics
Business and Leadership Global Business Strategies for the Earth, Energy & Material Industries
Business and Leadership Engineering Entrepreneurship
Business and Leadership Information Systems and Statistical Analysis
Business and Leadership Operations Management
Business and Leadership Management Information Systems
Business and Leadership Industrial Health and Safety
Business and Leadership Insurance
Business and Leadership Real Estate
Science Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Science Microbiology
Science Biology
Diversity, equity, and inclusion Ethics
Diversity, equity, and inclusion Bioethics and Medical Humanities
Diversity, equity, and inclusion African American Studies
Diversity, equity, and inclusion Women's Studies
Diversity, equity, and inclusion Sexuality and Gender Studies
Diversity, equity, and inclusion Disabilities Studies
Certificates in DEI Justice, Ethics, Diversity in Space
Certificates in DEI Diversity Studies