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Project Objective

Design Improvements for the Interparticle Mechanics Tester (IPM) to Quantify Biomass Friction and Adhesion

Dr. Hojae Yi (PSU ABE Department)

Design and build a new IPM with improved precision and accuracy in the testing of biomass particles using a standardized normal force

Engineering Design Improvements for Advanced Biochar Reactor

Dr. Dan Ciolkosz (PSU ABE Department)

Design and improve a previous biochar-production prototype by upgrading the heating and inert gas systems, as well as incorporating sensors and controls 

Automated Microgreen Harvesting System

Drs. Long He and Francesco Di Gioia (PSU ABE and Plant Science Departments

Design and prototype a conveyor-based harvesting system that includes image sensing to monitor microgreen yield and achieves good cut quality

Design of a Continuous Virus Inactivation Process



Design a tubing geometry that can achieve continuous virus retention and inactivation, a unit process that complements the continuous production of monoclonal antibodies for biopharmaceuticals

Design to Mitigate Runoff and Erosion at the Penn State Student Farm

Darin Ripp (PSU Student Farm)

Design a stormwater management system that will minimize water accumulation and erosion caused by excess runoff from Farm Services field and nearby impervious surfaces (Big Hollow Road and high tunnels)

Development of Stream Restoration Plan for Rogers-Newman Park

Mount Union Borough and Huntingdon County Conservation District

Create a design plan to restore a quarter-mile stretch of Hill Valley Creek in order to minimize runoff, erosion, and recreational risks for residents