Project Title

Project Sponsor

Project Objective

Installation of an Indoor Living Green Wall in the Agricultural Engineering Building

Dr. Tom Richard (PSU ABE Department)

Design and build a green wall that will be self-sustaining with minimal maintenance and be displayed in the entrance of the Agricultural Engineering Building

Engineering Design for Prototype and Full-Scale Mobile Biochar Production Unit

Dr. Dan Ciolkosz (PSU ABE Department)

Design a biochar production process that is mobile, sits at the forest landing, and yields biochar that can be used for land reclamation

Alternative Method to Separate Mammalian Cells from Media


Design a single use or easily reusable separation methodology to efficiently harvest proteins from cultures of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells

Semi-Continuous Design Process for Viral Inactivation



Design a novel continuous process that achieves viral inactivation while maximizing yield during monoclonal antibody production

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling to Improve Design of Lab-Scale Viral Inactivation Bioreactor



Develop a small-scale model of the viral inactivation process used in biopharmaceutical production that provides the same mixing time as the manufacturing scale

Mitigating Stormwater Runoff between Williamsburg Borough and Woodbury Township

Williamsburg Borough

Design a stormwater management system that will prevent flooding during high intensity storm events at the intersection of Union and High Streets in Williamsburg Borough

Addressing Stormwater Runoff Issues in West College Heights

State College Borough

Design an effective stormwater management system that utilizes best management practices in the right-of-ways to reduce runoff in the West College Heights community

Spring Street Subway Flooding in Reading, PA

City of Reading

Design a stormwater management system to reduce flooding of a subway in Reading, PA that is compatible with current infrastructure and natural drainage features