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Project Objective

Installation of an Indoor Living Green Wall in the Agricultural Engineering Building Dr. Tom Richard (PSU ABE Department)

Design a green wall that will be self-sustaining with minimal maintenance and be displayed in the entrance of the Agricultural Engineering Building

Designing a Harvest Assist Platform Drs. Long He, Dana Choi, Paul Heinemann (PSU ABE Department) Design a harvest assist platform that can be operated by a single worker, as part of a collective of adjustable platforms on one large base

New Technology for the Harvest of Biopharamaceuticals

GlaxoSmithKline Design a novel cell harvesting process for the separation of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells from culture supernatant containing monoclonal antibodies (mAb)

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling for  Characterization of Scaled-Down Viral Inactivation Mixing Tank

GlaxoSmithKline Create a small-scale model of the viral inactivation process used in biopharmaceutical production that will mimic the same mixing behaviors completed at the manufacturing scale

Recreational and Ecological Restoration of Talleyrand Park

Bellefonte Borough Develop a plan for the park that addresses flooding and erosion issues and that modifies the dam to make it passable for kayakers
Castle Shannon Detention Pond Retrofit Castle Shannon Borough Evaluate the primary drainage basin in a residential community and design any retrofits needed to improve the basin’s functionality
Walnut Springs Bridge Design State College Borough Provide a final recommendation of a bridge location and detailed bridge design at Walnut Springs Park in State College, PA

The Mobile Dairy Unit

Center for Dairy Excellence Design a mobile milk-pasteurization machine meant for use at county fairs in Pennsylvania

Anaerobic Digester for Small Farmers in Pennsylvania

Dr. Tom Richard (PSU ABE Department) Design an anaerobic digester process with added innovations to improve the economics for a typical Pennsylvania farm
Biochar Production Facility Dr. Dan Ciolkosz (PSU ABE Department) Design and build a prototype system capable of processing several types of biomass, including switchgrass, willow, and forest residue, into biochar