Project TitleProject SponsorProject Objective
Sustainable Food Coating Dr. Jeffrey Catchmark
(PSU ABE Department)
Design the formulation and application process to make an industrially relevant food coating from polysaccharides that extends shelf life
Integrating and Optimizing a Cotreatment Bioreactor Dr. Tom Richard (PSU ABE Department) Optimize cotreatment system design (wet milling during fermentation) by considering power consumption, energy content of the biomass, and particle size
Lab-scale Prototype of Mushroom Harvester End Effector Drs. Long He and Dana Choi
(PSU ABE Department)

Design a laboratory scale platform that can simulate robotic picking of mushrooms

Muddy Run Stream Restoration

Huntingdon Borough

Develop a design to restore Muddy Run in Huntingdon, PA such that bank stability is increased, flooding is reduced, and public treatment of the waterway is improved
Alexandria Borough Stormwater Management

Alexandria Borough

Analyze stormwater runoff for watershed and design improved stormwater infrastructure, specifically a conveyance channel along Shelton Avenue
Pneumatic Dibbler for Plasticulture Corey Dillon
(PSU Horticulture Research Farm)

Design improvements to pneumatic dibbling machine, including frame and control system,
for increased commercialization potential

Autonomous Water Sample Preparation Dr. Kyle Elkin (USDA-ARS)

Re-design filtering and sample preparation system in Field Portable Ion Chromatograph for analysis of nutrients and other contaminants in water samples

Dissolved Oxygen Probe Cleaning Apparatus Solutionwerks

Develop a method to prevent or clean microbiological growth on the surface of submerged dissolved oxygen probes used in wastewater treatment systems

Compostable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Avery Dennison

Develop a compostable adhesive, to be used with an existing facestock, to produce a label that meets European and American biodegradation standards

Continuous Low pH Viral Inactivation GlaxoSmithKline

Design a prototype unit operation for continuous, low-pH viral inactivation in biopharmaceutical processing

Chimney Rocks Trail Restoration Blair County Planning Commission

Develop a site plan to stabilize trails to overlook and chimney rocks that minimizes erosion and allows three-season access