Project TitleProject SponsorProject Objective
Coating Spent Mushroom Compost Bales Jake Chalfin (Laurel Valley Soils) & Daniel Rahn (American Mushroom Institute) Develop an optimal coating and packaging process for pressed bales of spent mushroom compost
Improvement of Apple Harvest Assist Unit Dr. Paul Heinemann (PSU ABE Department) Re-design existing apple harvest assist unit to fit with a two platform lift system (Bartlett Chariot)
Moringa Leaf Processing for Developing Countries Mike Erdman (PSU Engineering Leadership Development) Develop procedure for two processing steps (stripping leaves from branches and washing leaves)
Minimizing Hotspots during Wood Pellet Storage

Westervelt Renewable Energy

Investigate possible causes of hotspots and propose process design solutions to minimize their occurrence
pH Control System Design Dr. Tom Richard (PSU ABE Department)

Design and test a system to maintain pH at 6.5-7.0 in a high-solids anaerobic bioreactor

Windrow Composting Process Design Bellefonte Borough Design composting process for Bellefonte Borough, starting with yard waste and considering possible expansion to include biosolids and food waste
Windrow Composting Site Design Bellefonte Borough Design site layout for Bellefonte Borough composting facility, including composting pad and stormwater management
Design of a Commercial Fermentation System for Production of Hyaluronic Acid Dr. Ali Demirci (PSU ABE Department) Design an industrial scale bioprocess, including bioreactor and downstream processing steps, to produce hyaluronic acid (used in cosmetics and arthritis medications)
Park Hills (Reach #2) Erosion Control Ferguson Township Re-design channel in Park Hills development (from Princeton Ave. to Park Hills Ave.) to convey stormwater runoff while minimizing erosion
Park Hills (Reach #3) Erosion Control Ferguson Township Re-design channel in Park Hills development (from Park Hills Ave. to Circleville Rd.) to convey stormwater runoff while minimizing erosion and earning nutrient reduction credits
Cree Manor Stormwater Management

Walker Township

Analyze causes of flooding in Cree Manor development and propose design solutions to mitigate stormwater issues
Minimizing Erosion in University Park Swale Dr. Larry Fennessey (PSU Office of Physical Plant) Re-design swale on Penn State property to minimize erosion caused by stormwater runoff from nearby developments