Project Title Project Sponsor Project Objective
Spent Mushroom Compost Baler Jake Chalfin Develop an efficient and effective process to bale spent mushroom compost so it can be stacked, transported, and stored
Optimization of JLG Telehandler Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit JLG Industries Model, redesign, and optimize auxiliary circuit in Telehandler to reduce pressure loss
Grain Bin Safety Simulator Davis Hill (PSU Ag Safety & Health) and TAM Systems Create a trailer mounted simulation unit to demonstrate worker entrapment in grain and subsequent rescue
Baobab Seed Oil Press Mike Erdman (PSU Engineering Leadership Development) Design a light weight, easy-to-assemble system for extracting oil from baobab seeds
Biosolids Disposal at Penn State Dr. Chip Elliott (PSU ABE Department) Analyze current (landfilling) and alternative (land application) practices for Penn State biosolids disposal, considering cost, feasibility, regulations, and sustainability
Feasibility Analysis of an Anaerobic Digester for State College State College Borough Assess technical and economic feasibility of an anaerobic digester for State College Borough considering local or regional collection of food and/or additional organic waste
Design of a Commercial Fermentation System for Production of PHBV

Dr. Ali Demirci (PSU ABE Department)

Design an industrial scale bioprocess, including bioreactor, centrifugation, and filtration steps, to produce PHBV (used in biodegradable plastics)
Park Hills Erosion Control Ferguson Township Design a solution to restore the stormwater drainage way in Park Hills neighborhood and prevent erosion by decreasing flow velocities near the inlet culvert
Suburban Park Stormwater Management Ferguson Township Design a stormwater management system for Suburban Park that minimizes flooding issues and implements best management practices to earn nutrient credits