Capstone Design Experience
BE 460W and BE 466W
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE)

Sponsoring company/organization
Technical Point of Contact
Financial Point of Contact
If different than Technical Point of Contact
Project Information

Refer to sample project descriptions. The project description should include:

  • Brief background information on the project
  • A clear statement of the problem to be solved or device/process to be designed/prototyped
  • Any engineering specifications known regarding the project
  • Expected deliverables from the project
  • Any information the sponsor feels important to share

If necessary, additional information can be submitted (in pdf format) by e-mail to Jeffrey Catchmark (

Student Team Formation   Your project will be matched to a team of Biological Engineering students. Check one or more boxes below to indicate what specialization(s) are a good fit for the project description.
Project Fees

For external organizations, project fees are paid as gift to Penn State and can not be refunded. During the Fall semester, student teams will draft project proposal.  In the event that project scope exceeds $1000 budget provided by project support costs, sponsor and student team can discuss reduction in scope or request of additional funds.

The ABE Department Capstone Team will review proposed sponsor projects and contact you with questions and/or with additional details. List of capstone projects for Fall semester will be finalized in August, and then a request for payment for project fees will be sent to the financial point of contact.

Budget Estimate
Complete a budget estimate for your project.
Terms and Conditions

As a result of your support and involvement, undergraduate students working through the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department will be engaged in a project based on your input and support. In return for your support and participation, you will be provided with a copy of the project results, including as appropriate, any data, analysis, hardware and/or software, provided you agree with and acknowledge the following terms.

  • Student Project Results provided shall be used solely for your own internal review and analysis. Any and all rights to the Student Project Results, including all Intellectual Property Rights, if any, shall remain the rights of the individual student participants as appropriate under the law regarding rights to and ownership of intellectual property unless there is a separate intellectual property agreement (IPA). Prior to any commercial use or subsequent transfer of any Student Project Results, you must obtain the appropriate rights from the respective owners.
  • Student Project Results are provided "as is" without any representation of warranties whatsoever, whether express or implied, including, but not necessarily limited to any warranty as to fitness for particular purposes, merchantability or non-infringement. All student projects are performed by Penn State University students and are not subject to peer review or independent verification of results. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless University, its agents, employees, students and volunteers for any and all harm, loss, liability, claims or damages which may arise from your use of the Student Project Results in whatever manner or form.
  • The Student Project Results are not the work of Penn State University and any references either internally or to third parties shall clearly identify the source of the Student Project Results as an undergraduate student project performed at Penn State University without subsequent independent evaluation. Publication of any aspect of the Student Project Results must be approved in writing by the author(s) and must contain appropriate references as to the source and development of the published information.