BioRenewable Systems Advisory Committee

The BRS Advisory Committee provides guidance to the BioRenewable Systems undergraduate and graduate programs.

Our members are primarily from industry and academia, representing agricultural systems and biologically-based products.  The committee most recently met on April 25-26, 2018. We appreciate the commitment from our members.

Left to right, 1st row:
Vern Dando, Lumbermans Merchandising Corp.
Keith Atherholt, Lewis Lumber Products
Heather Bowers, NRCS
Mark Bonson, Hoobers
Pat Topper, EnergyWorks

2nd row:
Dan Hindman, Virginia Tech
Brian Beakler, Armstrong World Industries
Brian Carlson, Huber Engineered Wood Products
Bruce Lisle, Energex American
Michael Wolcott, Washington State University
Jim Day, Turfteq

Not present:
Melinda Benedick, Ag Choice Farm Credit