2014 ABE College of Engineering Outstanding Alum

Posted: April 23, 2014

Congratulations to Ray Evans
Raymond Evans

Raymond Evans

This year the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering's College of Engineering Outstanding Alumni Award was presented to Raymond Evans of Stow, Ohio, former executive vice president of engineering, marketing and sales at Titan International.  This award recognizes alumni for their achievements and provides opportunities for those recipients to interact with the college's faculty, students, and other alumni.

Ray Evans has led a distinguished career as an engineer with several tire manufacturers, including B.F. Goodrich and Continental/General. 

Mr. Evans worked for BF Goodrich from 1962-84.  He then joined General Tire in 1984 as vice president of marketing and became senior vice president of sales and marketing from 1986 to 1991.  In this position, he increased sales by forty-six percent.  From 1992 to 1994, as vice president of private brand sales, he launched the Hoosier brand and dramatically increased sales margins.  During his last 4 years at General, he managed the development of 70 new products for the Gans Tire Company and oversaw OEM sales as vice president of original equipment sales engineering.

He joined Titan International ($500M annual revenue) in 1997 as the Vice President of Tire Engineering, and retired as Executive VP of Engineering, Marketing, and Sales in 2010.

Ray has been a strong supporter of Penn State and the ABE department, especially through his service as an Industrial and Professional Advisory Council (IPAC) member (serving as chair in 2012), and generously establishing the Janet and Ray Evans scholarship for Biological Engineering students in 2011. He is also active in his community, including strong support for his local YMCA.

Ray earned his B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 1960, and his M.S. in Business Administration, Kent State, 1968.