Compressed Gas Cylinders

5.4.1 Cylinders are properly secured in an upright position, with cylinder clamps/chains
fastened to a solid support.
5.4.2 Cylinders are tightly capped and numbers kept to a minimum.
5.4.3 Flammable materials are stored a minimum of 20 feet from cylinders containing oxidizers.
5.4.4 Oxygen cylinders are kept free of oil or grease to prevent possible explosion.
5.4.5 Regulators, proper connections, and tubing are kept in good condition. The correct regulator is always used and oxygen regulators are never lubricated.
5.4.6 Flammable gas tubing is secured and labeled.
5.4.7 Flame arrestors may be required on flammable gas supplies.
5.4.8 If toxic gases are in use, proper leak sensors or alarms are in place, regularly checked, and calibrated.
5.4.9 If toxic gases or gases with poor warning properties are used, redundant systems and shutoffs are in place.
5.4.10 Refer to University Safety Policy SY25 for additional information on
compressed gas cylinders.

PSU Gas Cylinder Safety Policy

University Safety Policy SY25

Gas Cylinder Pricing, Returns and Orders