The most frequently asked questions regarding advising in the BioRenewable Systems major.

Q: What is happening with the change in the Biorenewable Systems major name?

A: Beginning May 2024, the Biorenewable Systems major will become the Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Management (ABSM) major. All former BRS and ASM course designations will now be ABSM. The new name better reflects what the major is about. There are some changes in the curriculum as well.

Q: I am already enrolled or planning to enroll in BRS, what should I do about the change?

A: You can contact the BRS/ABSM program coordinator, Dr. Paul Heinemann, to discuss your plans and the implications of the change.

Q: Who is my adviser?

A: If you are a student at University Park and listed BRS as your desired major prior to beginning your freshman year, you are assigned a BRS adviser during New Student Orientation. If you aren't sure about who your adviser is, you can check on LionPATH, or contact the BRS program coordinator.

If you are a freshman or sophomore at a Penn State campus location other than University Park, you will be assigned an adviser at that location.

Q: If I switch to BRS from another major, how does my adviser get assigned?

A: When you fill out a change of major form and it is approved, the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering will assign a BRS adviser to you, regardless of your class standing.

Q: What do I need to do to get into the BioRenewable Systems major?

A: There are no specific course requirements for entrance to the BRS major. You need to be in good academic standing (minimum GPA of 2.0) and get support from the department.

Q: I'm not currently in the College of Agricultural Sciences, but I want to pursue the BRS major. Do I need to change to the College of Agricultural Sciences?

A: We recommend that you change as soon as possible. This will allow us to assign an adviser to you and we will also put you on our e-mail list so you can learn about department activities, curriculum issues, scholarship opportunities, etc.

Q: I'm currently at a location other than University Park, when should I change to University Park for the BRS major?

A: If you are making good progress towards the major and are essentially following the schedule, you may be eligible to change to University Park for your 4th semester. However, if you desire to stay at another location for the 4th semester and you can still develop a full schedule with courses that all count towards graduation in the BRS major, that is okay. Requests for changing to UP for the 4th semester are handled on a case-by-case basis.