Additional specialization course list for the Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Management (ABSM) major

Note: other courses may be acceptable through petition. See your advisor or the ABSM program coordinator to discuss courses not shown on this list.

Course Condensed title
ABSM Any course not required for the major
ACCTG 311 Acctg Sys & Cntrl
ACCTG 404 Managerial Accctg
ACCTG 471 Int. Fin Acctg I
AEE 360 Leadership Development for Small Groups
AGBM 302 Food Prod Mktg
AGBM 308W Strategic Decision Making in Agribusiness
AGBM 320 Markets and Prices
AGBM 338 AGBM in the Global Economy
AGBM 407 Farm Plan and Fin Mgmt
AGBM 408 Fin Decision Making for Agribusiness
AGBM 440 Food Product Innovation Management
AGBM 460 Managing the Food System
AGECO 201 Intro Agroecology
AGECO 457 Principles of IPM
AGRO 028 Principles of Crop Management
AGRO 423 Forage Crop Mgmt
AGRO 425 Field Crop Mgmt
AGRO 438 Principles of Weed Mgmt
ANSC 300 Intgratd Anml Biol
ANSC 301 Animal Nutrition
ANSC 305 Comp Anim Ntr Mgmt
ANSC 306 Swine Prod & Mgmt
ANSC 308 Sheep/Goat-Prd Mgt
ANSC 309 Beef Prod & Mgmt
ANSC 310 Dairy Mgmt
ANSC 311 Poul Prod & Mgmt
ANSC 327 Horse Prod & Mgmt
ANSC 410 Adv Dairy Herd Mgt
ANSC 420 An Ntr/Feed Tech
ANSC 450 Dairy Mgmt Systems
B A 250 Small Business Management
B LAW 425 Environmental Law
B LAW 445 Intell Prop & Comp
BIOL 127 Introduction to Plant Biology
BA 250 Small Business Mgmt.
BIOL 220W Biology Pop Comm
BIOL 230W Biology: Molecules and Cells
BIOL 240W Biol Func Dev Org
BIOL 407 Plant Developmental Anatomy
BIOL 424 Seeds of Change: The Uses of Plants
BIOL 436 Pop Ecol Glob Clim
BIOL 441 Plant Physiology
BIOL 459 Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology
BLAW 445 Intell Prop & Comp
BMB 200 and higher
BMB 211 Elementary Biochemistry
BMB 251/ MICRB 251 Molecular and Cell Biology
CHEM 112 Chemical Principles II
CHEM 113 Continuation of CHEM 111
CHEM 202 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry I, or
CHEM 203 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry II, or
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 212 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 227 Analytical Chemistry
E SC 484 Biologically Inspired Nanomaterials
ECON 302 Inmd Microec Anly
ECON 304 Inmd Macroec Anly
ECON 315 Labor Economics
ECON 333 International Economics
ECON 342 Industrial Orgn
EMCH 211 Statics
EMCH 212 Dynamics
EMCH 213 Strength of Materials
EMCH 315 Mechanical Reponses of Materials
EMCH 471 Engineering Composite Materials
ENGR 310 Entrepreneurial Leadership
ENGR 407 Tech-based Entrepreneurship
ENT 202 Insect Connection
ENT 313 Intro Ent
ENT 316 Field Crops Ent
ENT 402W Biol Anim Parasit
ENT 410 Insect Struct/Fnctn
ERM 300 Basic Princ Calc Env Analysis
ERM 402 Found. of Sustain. Business
ERM 412 Resource System Analysis
ERM 413W Case Studies is Ecosys Mgmt
FDSC 200 Intro to Food Science
FDSC 207 Animal Products
FDSC 208 Animal Products Tech Lab
FIN 100 Introduction to Finance
FOR 203 Field Dendrology
FOR 308 Forest Ecology
FOR 320 Forest Fire Mgmt
FOR 410 Forest Ecosys Mgmt
FOR 418 Agroforestry
FOR 421 Silviculture
FOR 455 Rem Sens & Spa Dat
FOR 475 Forest Soils Mgmt
HORT 101 Horticultural Science
HORT 202 Plant Propagation
HORT 238 Turf Orn Weed Ctrl
HORT 315 Envir Effect Hort
HORT 412W Post-Har Physiol
HORT 433 Veg Crops
IB 303 International Business Operations or
IE 302 Engineering Economy
LER 100 Employment Relations
LER 201 Employment Law
LER 444 Occupational Health
LER 464 Com Skls Ldrs I Go
LER 465 Coll Dec Making
MATH 111 Techniques of Calculus II
MATH 141 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
MATH 200 or higher
MATH 34 The Mathematics of Money
MATSE 101 Energy and the Environment
MATSE 112 Applied Materials Chemistry for Engineers
MATSE 201 Introduction to Materials Science
MATSE 202 Introduction to Polymer Materials
MATSE 441 Polymeric Materials I
MATSE 447 Rheology and Processing of Polymers
MATSE 473 Polymeric Materials Lab — Synthesis (1)
MGMT 100 Survey of Mgmt
MGMT 215 Entrepreneurial Mindset
MGMT 326 Org Beh & Design
MGMT 471W Strategic Management
MKTG 221 Contemp Am Mktg
MKTG 302 E-Commerce Mktging
PHYS 212 Physics: Elec and Mag
PLANT 461 Emerging Issues in Plant Sciences
PPATH 405 Microbe-Plant Interactions
PSYCH 100 Introductory Psychology
PSYCH 281 Indust-Org Psych
SCM 301 Supply Chain Management
SOILS 401 Soil Comp/Phy Prop
SOILS 402 Chem Soils Fertlzr
SOILS 412W Soil Ecol
SOILS 418 Nutr Mgmt & Ag Sys
SOILS 450 Environmental GIS
STAT 300 or higher
SUST 200 Foundations of Leadership in Sustainability
TURF 235 Turfgrass
TURF 238 Turf Orn Weed Ctrl
TURF 434 Turf Edaphology
TURF 435 Turf Nutr
WFS 209 Wildl Fish Conserv
WFS 446 WildL Fish Pop Dyn