Your advisor will assist you in selecting courses to meet the academic requirements of the Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Management major, while also meeting your personal goals.

As an Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Managements student, you will be assigned an academic advisor when you: enroll as a first-year student at University Park Campus; declare Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Management as your major; or when you transfer to University Park from another campus location, college, or university.

Your advisor is a resource to answer academic questions during your career at Penn State. It is hoped that your advisor will become your friend and provide useful information concerning academic and non-academic matters as the need arises. You will normally retain the same academic advisor until you graduate, but changes are available upon request.

The student-advisor relationship: roles and expectations

Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Management students should establish a working relationship with their advisors for a productive and efficient college experience. The following lists provide guidance on the roles and expectations of both the student and the advisor:

Responsibilities and Expectations of Students

  • Ensuring that proper courses are selected
  • Ensuring that courses are taken in the appropriate sequence, adhering to prerequisites
  • Ensuring that graduation requirements are met
  • Completing petitions for degree requirement substitutions prior to the graduation semester
  • Developing course schedule for each semester

Responsibilities and Expectations of Advisor

  • Keeping advisee records up to date each semester
  • Providing guidance on selection of courses
  • Providing career guidance
  • Encouraging students to engage in co-curricular activities
  • Promoting summer job, internships and co-op opportunities
  • Help inform student of minors and how minors might fit with career plans