Entry Level Engineer - David Miller/Associates, Inc.

Stormwater Management Lancaster, PA

David Miller/Associates is a small to medium sized land development firm that provide a full land development service for our clients.  These services include engineering design, landscape architecture, surveying, geological services, GIS data management and municipal services.  Our work is predominantly in Lancaster County, with other projects reaching into the neighboring counties.  We complete designs for a wide variety of projects ranging from 400 lot residential subdivisions to single dwelling residential stormwater designs, commercial and industrial sites and institutional and municipal facilities of varying sizes.  
The position would include design of stormwater management and conveyance facilities, erosion control design, state and municipal permitting, flood studies, sanitary sewer and domestic water conveyance facilities and roadway design.  The successful candidate would work directly with a licensed professional through a training process and eventually transitioned into a design team within the company.
Any interested students can email their resume to: