Agricultural Program Manager - Pennsylvania Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

The Pennsylvania Chapter of The Nature Conservancy is a leader in developing and implementing strategies to conserve forests and streams, addressing the impacts of agriculture, energy development, and climate change, and empowering nature in cities.

The Agricultural Program Manager will provide leadership and be part of a team responsible for developing an Agricultural Program.  This Program aims to improve water quality and wildlife habitats in agricultural landscapes in Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay watersheds, in a way that benefits the economic, environmental, and social well-being of our region and our farmers, and through efforts such as those being advanced by the  Pennsylvania 4R Alliance.  (S)he/ will also be responsible for aligning our work with other Conservancy units, specifically our Chesapeake Bay Program, and the Conservancy’s global agenda. The Agricultural Program Manager will provide leadership to the Chapter to perform Conservation Planning, Partnership Building, and Program Delivery.

The position description can be found here

This is a two-year term position with the possibility of extension, dependent upon funding.

Conservation Planning:  The Agricultural Program Manager identifies opportunities and develops strategies that accelerate the adoption of local and regional 4R practices and agricultural conservation strategies which benefit communities, their economy, and nature.  She/he will provide leadership and be part of a team responsible for developing a 3-Year Conservation Vision and Business Plan for this position.    

Partnership Building: The Agricultural Program Manager will develop effective partnerships with federal, regional, and state agencies, conservation groups, the agribusiness community, and other public and private organizations engaged in agricultural issues.  She/he will organize and facilitate meetings, trainings, and outreach events, and implement strategies identified by the PA 4R Alliance, a collaboration among agribusinesses, farmers, government agencies, conservation groups and scientists working to ensure that nutrient application on farms is consistent with the 4Rs – the right nutrient source, applied at the right rate, at the right time, in the right place.  She/he will identify and establish partnerships that will accelerate the implementation of practices in agricultural landscapes to achieve our conservation goals and support local farming communities.      

Program Delivery:  This position is responsible for effectively implementing agricultural conservation strategies identified through this program to meet our conservation goals in a way that also support our local farming community.  (S)he will provide direct assistance to the PA 4R and coordinate with Delaware Maryland 4R Alliance efforts to implement a suite of collectively identified strategies that increase the adoption of 4R priority practices by farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Implementation will entail working with agencies and the private sector to integrate conservation strategies into existing and new agricultural programs and tools, implementing demonstration projects, advancing educational opportunities through workshops, trainings, field days, outreach materials, social media and websites, etc.


Su Fanok
Director of Freshwater Conservation
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