Penn State offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses and degree programs that enhance any degree by providing skills in ethics, diversity, and social justice.

More information can be found in our undergraduate Biological Engineering and BioRenewable Systems handbooks. Here are some highlights.

Degree programs


  • AG 160: Introduction into Ethics and Issues in Agriculture
  • BA 342: Socially Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical Business Practice
  • BIOET 401Q: Science, Ethics, Policy, and Law
  • CMLIT 455: Ethics, Justice, and Rights in World Literature
  • EDSGN 13: Ethics of Star Trek First-Year Seminar
  • LHR 460: Ethics in the Workplace
  • PHIL 3: Ethical Life
  • PHIL 103: Ethics
  • PHIL 9: Race, Racism, and Diversity
  • PHIL 133N: Ethics of Climate Change
  • PHIL 119: Ethical Leadership
  • PHIL 403: Seminar in Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 418: Seminar in Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 432: Medical and Health Care Ethics
  • PHIL 433: Ethics in Science and Engineering
  • PLSC 112N: Ethics in Citizenship, Politics, and Government
  • STS 233Z: Ethics and the Design of Technology
  • CI 304N: Food, Farms & Justice: What's Education Got To Do With Them?
  • AFAM 302: Diversity and Health
  • AFAM/STS 416: Race, Gender and Science
  • CMLIT 101: Race, Gender, and Identity in World Literature
  • SOC 205N: Critical Race Theory in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • SOC 119N: Race, Ethnicity and Culture
  • SOC 411: Racial and Ethnic Diversity and the American Family
  • WMNST 105N: Living in a Diverse World
  • WMNST 136: Race, Gender, and Employment
  • ANTH 45N: Cultural Diversity: A Global Perspective
  • MGMT 320: Establishing Workforce Diversity and Inclusion