DNA Riddles

Test your Fluency in the Biophysical Language of DNA!

The following questions will test your knowledge of molecular biology and genetics as well as your analytical thinking skills. They are DNA Riddles / Puzzles — the likely answer is not likely to be the answer. Enjoy!

First question: The following plasmid is transformed into E. coli BL21(DE3) and grown in minimal M9 media with 0.4% glucose (37 deg C, 150 RPM). At the end of a 24 hour culture, how much protein is expressed in units of mg/L culture? DNA Sequence 1

Second question: This plasmid is transformed into E. coli DH10B, grown in LB media, and induced with 2 mM arabinose. What changes at 607 nm (and why)? DNA Sequence 2

Please do not publically announce the answers until postdoc candidates have been selected, but feel free to send me guesses! Thank you!