Review of heat treatment of wood and wood packaging

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Lead author: Dr. Eric Allen, Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forestry Service

Wood Pallets – An Important U.S. Industrial Product

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Phil Araman - Virginia Tech/USFS, Blacksburg, VA

Pallet Management and Waste Reduction - Fact Sheet

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Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Methyl Bromide and the Montreal Protocol

PDF document, 1.2 MB

Jeremy Arling, EPA, Methyl Bromide Alternatives Outreach Conference

United States QPS Use of Methyl Bromide

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Robert M. Baca, United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ)

Hardwood Lumber Outlook - The Changing Hardwood Lumber Industry and Its Subsequent Effect on the Pallet Industry

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Mark Barford, CAE, National Hardwood Lumber Association Executive Director

ISPM No. 15 and the incidence of wood pests: recent findings, policy changes, and current knowledge gaps

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Eckehard Brockerhoff - SCION, (NZ Forest Research Institute) Christchurch, New Zealand & Robert A. Haack - USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, East Lansing, MI, USA

Pallets 101: Industry Overview and Wood, Plastic, Paper & Metal Options

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John Clarke, Technical Sales Director, The Nelson Company

Quantification of the economic, environmental and social impacts of introducing mandatory treatment requirements for wood packaging material circulating inside the European Union - Final Report

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Submitted by: Food Chain Evaluation Consortium (FCEC) Civic Consulting – Agra CEAS Consulting - Arcadia International - Van Dijk Management Consultants Project leader: Agra CEAS Consulting Brussels

Pallet Trends

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This report was produced as part of the Value to Wood Program, funded by Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service.

Effectiveness of the International Phytosanitary Standard ISPM No. 15 on Reducing Wood Borer Infestation Rates in Wood Packaging Material Entering the United States

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Robert A. Haack, Kerry O. Britton, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Joseph F. Cavey, Lynn J. Garrett, Mark Kimberley, Frank Lowenstein, Amelia Nuding, Lars J. Olson, James Turner, Kathryn N. Vasilaky

Heating characteristics of western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) in a high frequency field

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Ciprian Lazarescu and Stavros Avramidis

Radio frequency heating pasteurization of pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) infected wood

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Ciprian Lazarescu, Angela Dale, Adnan Uzunovic, Colette Breuil, Stavros Avramidis

Radio-Frequency Heating Kinetics of Softwood Logs

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Ciprian Lazarescu and Stavros Avramidis - Department of Wood Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phytosanitary risks associated with the global movement of forest products: A commodity-based approach

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Isabel Leal, Eric Allen, Leland Humble, Shane Sela, and Adnan Uzunovic - Canadian Forest service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Information report

Pallet Outlook Market Trends and Manufacturing Concerns

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Hardwood Publishing Company

How Do Differing Standards Increase Trade Costs? The Case of Pallets

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World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 3519, February 2005