Faculty research includes ecosystem business services, food waste reduction systems, and social science applications to sustainable behavior.

  • Ecosystem Service Business Models. New market mechanisms to reward sustainable business practices, ranging from sustainable forestry certification to nutrient trading, carbon offsets and renewable fuel metrics. Stacking market and non-market incentives to drive changes in biorenewables production.
  • Sustainable Waste Disposal Behavior. Specifying and explaining antecedents to sport fan waste disposal behavior.
  • Food System Waste Reduction. 40% of harvested food is lost between the field and the fork. This project investigates opportunities to reduce those losses through improvements in storage and logistics, processing strategies, and business and consumer decision processes.
  • Stakeholder Assessment of a Regional Woody Biomass-to-Biofuels Supply Chain. Informed stakeholder perceptions, experiences, trust and potential acceptance/rejection of the emerging liquid biofuels industry.
  • Community Social Asset Mapping. Multiple empirical quantitative measures for core dimensions of creative capacity and social capital to better understand key community issues with regard to regional bioenergy feedstock logistics and infrastructure project siting decisions.