Agricultural and Biological Engineering Extension provides high quality information on biological engineering topics relevant to Pennsylvania.

Technical areas are a blend of current topics along with content aimed at emerging issues in engineering in agriculture and the environment.

Activity priorities are:

  • delivery of relevant educational programs
  • facilitation of networking among constituent groups to achieve progress
  • applied research activities in support of Extension education

Core subject areas are listed here. We will direct you to expertise elsewhere if your interests lie outside our core subjects. Our faculty and staff without formal Extension appointments have a distinguished reputation of supporting areas outside our core Extension subjects.

Agricultural Safety and Health
Agricultural safety and health at Penn State is multi-dimensional and ranges in scope from engineering to reduce exposure to hazards, to safety training for youth, to managing agricultural emergencies.
Horse Stables and Riding Arenas
Research-based information for planning and construction of well-designed equestrian facilities.
Idea Plans
The following idea plans have been developed or selected to provide educational information and ideas concerning various aspects of buildings and equipment required for modern agricultural production facilities for animals, crops or machinery.
Managing Agricultural Emergencies
PAgricultural Rescue Training is designed to help local emergency services develop strategies and procedures to be better prepared to respond to and manage on-farm emergencies.
Renewable and Alternative Energy
Energy is a critical issue. We urgently need to develop strategies to use energy more efficiently and develop new, sustainable, renewable and alternative energy supplies.
Agricultural and Biological Engineering fact sheets, idea plans, newsletters, circulars, and brochures.