Magni S. Hussain, Ph.D.

Magni S. Hussain, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Research Professor in Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Systems
436 Shortlidge RD
Agricultural Engineering Building, Rm. 303

University Park, PA 16802

Areas of Expertise

  • AI, automation, robotics, electronics, and advanced controls in agriculture including:
  • Specialty crop production
  • Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA)
  • Agricultural health and safety


Green fruit segmentation and orientation estimation for robotic green fruit thinning of apples
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Hussain, Magni, He, Long, Schupp, James Rawlinson, Lyons, David, Heinemann, Paul, 2023

Green Fruit Removal Dynamics for Development of Robotic Green Fruit Thinning End-Effector
Journal of the ASABE, Hussain, Magni, He, Long, Schupp, James, Heinemann, Paul, Heinemann, Paul, Schupp, James, 2022

Use of the Lévy Flight Firefly Algorithm in 2D McClellan Unconstrained Transform Adaptive Filters, Hussain, M., Jenkins, William Kenneth, Radhakrishnan, C., 2020

Adaptive digital filtering using the bio-inspired firefly algorithm, Hussain, M., Jenkins, William Kenneth, 2017