Long He, Ph.D.

Long He, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Fruit Research and Extension Center
Musselman Building Room 223

Biglerville, PA 17037

Areas of Expertise

  • Mechanization and Automation for Specialty Crops
  • Robotic Solutions for Agricultural Applications
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Electro-Hydraulic Control System


  • PhD, Mechatronics Engineering, Yanshan University (YSU), China, 01/2010
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University (YSU), China, 07/2003

Dr. Long He is a Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and physically located at the Fruit Research and Extension Center at Biglerville. He received his Ph.D. degree on Mechatronic Engineering at Yanshan University in China. Before joining Penn State, Dr. He worked as Postdoc Research Associate/Research Engineering at Washington State University and University of California at Davis. Dr. He's research interest is agricultural machinery and automation, including mechanical harvesting technologies for tree fruit crops, robotic solutions for agricultural application, and sensor application in agriculture.

Research Topics and Projects

1. Robotic Crop Load Management

     Goal: Develop robotic solutions for improved tree fruit yield and quality

  • Green fruit removal dynamics and robotic green fruit thinning system (USDA-AFRI, 2020-2023, PI)
  • Precision crop load management for apples (USDA-SCRI, Led by Cornell, 2020-2024, PI for PSU)
  • Advancing robotic approaches to pollination for improved yield and quality in fruit crops (USDA-AMS, Specialty Crop Multi-State, Led by WSU, 2020-2023, PI for PSU)
  • CPS: Medium: Integrated design of sensing, networks, and cooperative control of multi-vehicle systems for preventing frost and freeze damage to flowers and buds of fruit trees. National Science Foundation. (NSF/USDA, 2019-2022, Co-PI)
  • Targeted blossom/green fruit thinning with variable rate sprayer (State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania (SHAP), 2020-2021, PI)

2. Precision Application for Specialty Crops

      Goal: Develop sensor-based systems for reducing agricultural inputs and costs

  • An intelligent spraying system for tree fruit crops pest management: technology enhancement, evaluation, and outreach. (USDA-NIFA, 2019-2021, PI) 
  • Precision and automated pest/disease management for tree fruit crops. (Penn State SNIP Grant, 2018-2019, PI) 
  • Sensor-based precision irrigation system for tree fruit and vegetable crops. (USDA Northeast SARE, 2019-2022, PI) 
  • A sensor-based irrigation test system for apple orchards. (SHAP, 2018-2020, PI)
  • Crop Heath Scouting and Identification for Fruit Orchards using UAVs (SHAP, 2020-2021, PI)

3. Robotic Solutions for Specialty Crops

     Goal: Develop robotic/mechanical systems for specialty crop productions

  • Robotic pruning system development for fruit trees (USDA-SARE Graduate, Penn State Sunday Grant, 2019-2021, PI)
  • Development of a computer vision and a robotic end-effector for automated harvesting of Pennsylvania mushroom. (Giorgi Funds for Mushroom Research, 2018-2020, Co-PI) 
  • Branch and fruit accessibility for mechanical operations with various tree canopies. (SHAP, 2019-2021, PI) 

4. Mechanization for Specialty Crops (focus on Extension)

     Goal: Mechanization and commercialization

  • A harvest-assist system for tree fruit growers: performance analysis, workforce development, and product enhancement. (Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 2019-2022, PI) 

Selected Publication

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