Jude Liu, Ph.D.

Jude Liu, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Machinery and Biomass Logistics
  • Program contact for Agricultural Systems Management Minor; Off-Road Equipment Minor
218 Agricultural Engineering Building
Shortlidge Road

University Park, PA 16802

Areas of Expertise

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Machine design and test
  • Biomass harvesting, handling and logistics
  • Biomass in-field processing and densification
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatic system design and test


  • Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada
  • B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in Automotive Engineering, Jilin University, China


  • ASM 310 - Power Transmission in Agriculture
  • B E 461 - Design of Fluid Power Systems
  • B E 306 - Machines for Agricultural and Biological Processing
  • ASM 420 - Principles of Off-Road Machines
  • ABE 885 - Biomass Harvesting and Logistics

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Research Interests

Machine Systems for Biomass and Specialty Crops

Machine Systems for Biomass Harvesting and Processing 

Dr. Liu's research in this area focuses on (1) testing mechanical properties of dedicated energy crops; (2) studying field efficiency and capacity of different machine systems for biomass feedstocks harvesting and processing; and (3) modeling biomass feedstocks logistics systems.

Machinery for Specialty Crop Production 

The cultivation and harvest of specialty crops for the fresh fruit market are labor intensive. Dr. Liu's research activities in this area include innovative technologies and equipment development for: (1) mechanical fruit thinning; and (2) mechanical harvest-assist systems of specialty crops.

Off-Road Equipment

Agricultural production related off-road equipment is another area of interest. Dr. Liu's interested topics include: soil compaction and relevant environmental issues, tillage and soil and water conservation, power performance, tractive efficiency and fuel consumption of off-road power units. 

Membership And Certification In Professional Societies

  • Professional Engineer, Registered in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Certification in Higher Education Teaching, University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Member, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (since 2000)
  • Member, SAE International
  • Member, International Fluid Power Society


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