Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

  • Professor Emeritus
Albert Jarrett, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

  • On-Lot Sewage
  • Stormwater Management


  1. Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1975

Areas of Interest:

On-Lot Sewage:                

Does your Septic System…                    

  •     Need frequent pumping?            
  •     Make your yard wet/soggy?            
  •     Create objectionable odors?
  •     Show signs of failure?  

Downloadable On-Lot Sewage System Resources in pdf format:

Downloadable Drinking Water Quality Resources in pdf format:

Downloadable Stormwater Management Resources in pdf format:

Downloadable Open Channel Design Software in Excel format:


Additional Factsheets and Resources

septic tank

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Stormwater/Wet Basements:

  • Do heavy rains cause a wet basement?
  • Does roof runoff flow towards your house?
  • Are your basement walls wet/damp?

Most of these problems can be corrected!!

Dr. Jarrett is available to give lectures or conduct workshops on topics related to:

  •     Keeping Your On-Lot Sewage System Healthy
  •     Stormwater Low Impact Developments (LIDs)
  •     Erosion and Sediment Control
  •     Sediment Basin Designlecture
  •     Channel Design
  •     Agricultural Irrigation
  •     Stream Restoration
  •     Golf Course Irrigation and Drainage