Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Penn State University offers undergraduate degrees in Agricultural Systems Management and Biological Engineering, and graduate degrees in Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

ABE News

Soil filters out some emerging contaminants before reaching groundwater
July 18, 2017
Penn State was the ideal place to look at the movement of pharmaceuticals from wastewater to groundwater because the University has spray-irrigated all of its treated wastewater onto nearly 600 acres of agricultural and forested land known as the Living Filter since the early 1980s.
Researchers working with sports venues to make them 'greener,' sustainable
July 10, 2017
Judd Michael, professor of ABE said, "The Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering is providing cutting-edge research and service to industry partners to help them become more sustainable."
Students from EDSGN 497: Solidworks Fundamentals, built rockets from 3D-printed pieces.
Engineering’s Bock soars to first place in additive manufacturing competition
June 30, 2017
Randall Bock, instructor in engineering design and agricultural research assistant at Penn State, tasked his engineering students with designing, printing, iterating, assembling and testing the outcome of 3D-printed rockets.
Research progressing on how to spur wide use of aviation biofuels
June 27, 2017
Paul Smith's lab, in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, is part of the group that is evaluating regional supply chains that could be used for alternative jet fuel production.
Penn State creates certificate program in ag stewardship and conservation
June 1, 2017
Rob Shannon, associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering, says the new Agricultural Stewardship and Conservation Certificate undergraduate program "fits in perfectly with Penn State's land-grant mission of providing service to the commonwealth."