Engines & After Treatment Systems

The Technical Support Specialist -- Engines & After Treatment Systems provides Engine and Exhaust After Treatment system technical support to CNH Employees, Dealers, and Customers. You will be a team member within the North American Product Support organization. These Teams have three primary roles within the North American CNH Industrial commercial operations:  Provide expert technical advice to dealership service department technicians and CNH Industrial Field Service people; help improve reliability and serviceability of CNH Industrial products; author and maintain service information and solutions into the ASiST Knowledge database for Dealers to reference.  This position will be located in Reno, NV OR Racine, WI OR Ames, IA OR Saskatoon, Canada and is eligible for a HYBRID working model.


  • Diagnose and trouble-shoot diesel engines and exhaust after treatment systems in a variety of equipment
  • Use mechanical and electronic test equipment to interpret fault codes, and operating parameters
  • Interpret engine and exhaust after treatment system operating parameters for acceptable vehicle performance
  • Answer technical questions from CNH dealers or from CNH Field Service people using personal knowledge, experience, and available reference sources in a timely and urgent manner
  • Provide solutions consistently with CNH objectives, while also being attentive to the cost of repairs
  • Maintain relationships with Engineering and Technical Publications employees
  • Provide regular feedback of current issues that dealerships are experiencing with CNH equipment
  • Act as "product expert" on your assigned products
  • Document all technical questions and data to be used for future reference by other Technical Support Specialists
  • Create additional technical troubleshooting documents in the self-help database
  • Delivery to CNH Product Quality, Engineering and Manufacturing to improve reliability and serviceability of CNH products

Annual Base Salary Range for this position:  $85,000 - $115,000 USD


  • Bachelor's Degree and 3+ years of technical experience with mobile equipment; In lieu of a Bachelor's Degree will accept an Associate's Degree and 5+ years of technical experience with mobile equipment experience
  • 2+ years' experience mechanically working with agriculture equipment, construction equipment and/or heavy truck

 If you have an interest, please reach out to Zach Neiderer at zach.neiderer@newholland.com