The scientific nature of bio-based resources, their unique design, sustainability, and renewability constitute the core of this option.

Building upon that foundation, students learn techniques for converting and efficiently utilizing these materials to maximize product life cycles, while simultaneously exploring relevant marketing and management strategies. Technical electives for this option emphasize material sciences, engineering, and/or business. Career tracks are broad, ranging from traditional forest products companies to emerging sectors, including bioenergy co-products.

Selection List

Select 15 credits of specialization courses in consultation with an adviser. At least 9 credits must be at 200-400 level.

These 15 credits must be either 1) selected from courses on this approved list, or, 2) approved by petition following consultation with an advisor. The first column of the table notes suggested specialization areas.

Specialization Area Possible Courses Abbreviated Title Prerequisites
Business ACCTG 311 Acctg Sys & Cntrl ACCTG 211
Business ACCTG 404 Managerial Accctg ACCTG 211, SCM 200 or STAT 200, ECON 102
Business ACCTG 471 Int Fin Acctg I ACCTG 211 or ACCTG 311
Business B A 250 Small Business Management 3 cr. in economics
Business B LAW 425 Environmental Law B LAW 341 or B LAW 243
Business B LAW 445 Intell Prop & Comp B LAW 441
Business ECON 302(GS) Inmd Microec Anly ECON 102
Business ECON 304(GS) Inmd Macroec Anly ECON 104
Business ECON 342(GS) Industrial Orgn ECON 102
Business ECON 315 or Labor Economics, or ECON 102
Business LER 100(GS) Employment Relations
Business IB 303, or International Business Operations or 5th semester standing
Business ECON 333 International Economics ECON 102, ECON 104 or ECON 014
Business FIN 100 Introduction to Finance 3rd semester standing
Business IE 302 Engineering Economy MATH 141
Business LER 201(GS) Employment Law
Business LER 444 Occupat Health LER 100
Business LER 464 Com Skls Ldrs I Go
Business LER 465 Coll Dec Making
Business MGMT 100 Survey of Mgmt
Business MGMT 326 Org Beh & Design B A 304 or MGMT 301
Business MGMT 471W Strategic Management MGMT 301, MKTG 301, FIN 301, SCM 301
Business MKTG 221 Contemp Am Mktg 3 cr. in economics
Business MKTG 302 E-Commerce Mktging B A 303 or MKTG 301
Business PSYCH 100(GS) Introductory Psychology
Business PSYCH 281(GS) Indust-Org Psych PSYCH 100
Business SCM 301 Supply Chain Management ACCTG 211, ECON 102, SCM 200 or STAT 200
Chemistry BMB 211 Elementary Biochemistry CHEM 110; CHEM 202 or CHEM 210
Chemistry BMB 200 and higher
Chemistry CHEM 112 Chemical Principles II CHEM 110
Chemistry CHEM 113 (1) Continuation of CHEM 111 CHEM 110, concurrent: CHEM 112
Chemistry CHEM 202, or Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry I, or CHEM 101 OR CHEM 110 OR CHEM 106
Chemistry CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 112
Chemistry CHEM 203, or Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry II, or CHEM 202
Chemistry CHEM 212 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 210
Chemistry CHEM 227 Analytical Chemistry CHEM 113 and MATH 140
Biology and Plants AGECO 201 Introductory Agroecology
Biology and Plants AGRO 028 Principles of Crop Management
Biology and Plants BIOL 127, or Introduction to Plant Biology, or
Biology and Plants BIOL 240W (4) Biology: Funct. & Devel. of Organisms BIOL 110, CHEM 110
Biology and Plants BIOL 230W (4) Biology: Molecules and Cells BIOL 110, CHEM 110
Biology and Plants BMB 251/ MICRB 251 Molecular and Cell Biology CHEM 112
Biology and Plants BIOL 407 Plant Developmental Anatomy BIOL 240W
Biology and Plants BIOL 424 Seeds of Change: The Uses of Plants BIOL 110; BIOL 220W, BIOL 230W or BIOL 240W
Biology and Plants BIOL 441 Plant Physiology BIOL 230W, BIOL 240W
Biology and Plants BIOL 459 Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology BIOL 230W; or BMB 251, BMB 252
Biology and Plants HORT 101 Horticultural Science
Biology and Plants FOR 203 Field Dendrology Concurrent: FOR 200W or W P 200W and W P 203
Biology and Plants FOR 308 Forest Ecology Concurrent: FOR 203
Biology and Plants FOR 366 Forest Resources Measurements STAT 240
Biology and Plants FOR 410 Forest Ecosys Mgmt 3 cr. in both biology and ecology
Biology and Plants FOR 418 (US;IL) Agroforestry
Biology and Plants FOR 421 Silviculture FOR 308, FOR 366
Biology and Plants PPATH 405 Microbe-Plant Interactions BIOL 110
Biology and Plants PLANT 461 Emerging Issues in Plant Sciences AGRO 028 or HORT 101; AGECO201 or BIOL 127 or HORT 202; ENT 313 and SOILS 101
Materials Science/Polymers MATSE 101 Energy and the Environment
Materials Science/Polymers MATSE 112 Applied Materials Chemistry for Engineers CHEM 110
Materials Science/Polymers MATSE 201 Introduction to Materials Science CHEM 112; MATH 231
Materials Science/Polymers MATSE 202 Introduction to Polymer Materials CHEM 202, MATH 231
Materials Science/Polymers MATSE 441 Polymeric Materials I CHEM 210, MATH 231
Materials Science/Polymers MATSE 447 Rheology and Processing of Polymers MATSE 443
Materials Science/Polymers MATSE 473 Polymeric Materials Lab — Synthesis (1) MATSE 443
Materials Science/Polymers EMCH 315 Mechanical Reponses of Materials EMCH 213 or EMCH 210
Materials Science/Polymers EMCH 471 Engineering Composite Materials EMCH 213 or EMCH 210; EMCH 315, E SC 414M, or MATSE 201
Materials Science/Polymers E SC 484 Biologically Inspired Nanomaterials PHYS 214, MATH 230
Engineering Technology Fundamentals EMCH 211 Statics Concurrent: MATH 141
Engineering Technology Fundamentals EMCH 212 Dynamics EMCH 211, MATH 141
Engineering Technology Fundamentals EMCH 213 Strength of Materials EMCH 211
Engineering Technology Fundamentals PHYS 212 Physics: Elec and Mag PHYS 211, concurrent: MATH 141
Engineering Technology Fundamentals MATH 34 The Mathematics of Money
Math MATH 111 (2) or Calculus II with Analytic Geometry, or Techniques of Calculus II MATH 110
Math MATH 141 (4) MATH 140
Math MATH 200 or higher
Math STAT 300 or higher