Development of Square Bale Handling Systems
February 13, 2011
Bulk densification of a biomass feedstock at a satellite storage location adds great value, if done in a cost effective way. Studying mechanical and operational performance of existing bale compression machines will discover all factors that affect the entire supply system.
Researchers Evaluate Biomass Handling Solutions
February 10, 2011
A group of researchers at Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences are poised to solve one of the biomass industry's most pressing issues-developing efficient solutions to transport and store large quantities of biomass.
Researcher Studying Ways to Handle Huge Quantities of biomass
January 15, 2011
Jude Liu, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, is one of the researchers working on the logistics of handling massive quantities of biomass. He recently received a $100,000 grant from the Sun Grant Initiative to support his work.