Grant will support grain bin safety research at Penn State
December 10, 2018
A grant awarded to Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences will support research on preventing grain bin entrapment
Paul Heinemann receives Leadership Award from ASABE
November 28, 2018
2018 Recipient of the James R. and Karen A. Gilley Academic Leadership Award
Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering - Penn State University
November 26, 2018
Industrial Ecology and Ethical Decision Making
Choi wins Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize in Bologna, Italy
November 19, 2018
Congratulation to Dr. Choi for an outstanding dissertation!
Go West for animal agriculture in Pennsylvania
November 7, 2018
New research is a first step in exploring opportunities and challenges to developing animal agriculture in western Pennsylvania in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. The region of Pennsylvania drained by the Ohio River provides additional opportunities for new animal agriculture facilities and related manure-management activities.
Undergrad student research suggests biomass can remove lead from drinking water
October 31, 2018
Researchers in the College of Agricultural Sciences the last few years have been studying the ability of biomass to absorb industrial spills, according to Dan Ciolkosz, assistant research professor of agricultural and biological engineering.
Student engagement helps earn Bellefonte major grant for sustainability
October 26, 2018
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection awards $388,000 to support compost upgrades. Penn State students in Megan Marshall's class toured State College's compost facility to get background for their work assisting Bellefonte.
Energizing the food-energy-water nexus: the fortuitous tale of duckweed
October 25, 2018
“The plant is a hyperaccumulator,” said Brennan. “It sucks up nitrogen and phosphorus out of the water extremely well. When you put it in the soil, it takes a while for the duckweed to break down, so it acts like a slow-release fertilizer.”
Biofilm reactor promises to cut production costs on vitamin K
October 2, 2018
Researchers Ehsan Mahdinia (left) and Ali Demirci, in the College of Agricultural Sciences, are shown feeding microorganisms that produce the most potent form of vitamin K in a laboratory biofilm reactor in research that promises to reduce production costs and perhaps prices.
Developing a quick-acting foam for treating wounds on the battlefield
September 26, 2018
A new grant will help Penn State researchers develop an innovative foam that helps seal wounds quickly — whether on the battlefield, in rural areas, or in other isolated locations far from hospitals.
Paul M. Smith, Professor of Bioproducts Marketing awarded the Distinguished Service Award for International Society of Wood Science and Technology
September 19, 2018
Dr. Smith will be presented with the Distinguished Service Award at the SWST Annual Convention in Nagoya, Japan, November 2018.
BE Students Participate in Capstone Project
September 18, 2018
Students studying natural resources engineering will recommend best practices.
Penn State Farm Safety Team is encouraging you to participate in the 2018 National Farm Safety Week.
September 5, 2018
This promotional effort to support the people working in America's greatest industry is led by the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety. The Farm Safety Team will have a webinar to share event ideas and current efforts provided by Penn State Extension. Your participation is encouraged.
Summer 2018 Graduates
August 15, 2018
The ABE Faculty and Staff wish to congratulate our Summer 2018 Graduates.
Small amounts of pharmaceuticals found in north central Pa. rural well water
August 3, 2018
Pharmaceuticals that are incompletely degraded in septic tanks and leaching fields can travel with wastewater and infiltrate groundwater.
Research aims to prevent deaths related to gypsum-laced manure emissions
July 5, 2018
Hazardous gases released from dairy manure storages during agitation can be particularly dangerous for nearby operators when gypsum bedding has been used in the cow stalls.
Congratulations to Roderick Thomas
July 2, 2018
Penn State announces fixed-term faculty promotions, effective July 1, 2018
Ribbon-cutting marks reopening of renovated Agricultural Engineering Building
June 11, 2018
The renovated Agricultural Engineering Building on Penn State's University Park campus was dedicated on June 8, 2018.
Farmer saved thanks to rescuers who took Penn State Extension training
June 6, 2018
"This farmer is very fortunate," said Pate, a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. "Without the quick thinking and action by rescuers, there could have been a very different outcome. We praise those responders for being proactive by taking training that ultimately saved this man's life."
Spring 2018 ABE Graduates
May 16, 2018
The ABE Faculty and Staff wish to congratulate our 2018 Graduates.
Biological Engineering Capstone Students Win Awards
May 7, 2018
BE capstone students participated at the Campus and Community Sustainability Expo
Megan Miller Named Engineering Student Marshal for 2018 Spring Commencement
April 23, 2018
Megan R. Miller will be the student marshal for the biological engineering baccalaureate degree program at the College of Engineering’s spring commencement ceremony on May 4. Miller will receive a bachelor of science degree in biological engineering with a minor in environmental engineering.
We are Moving Back!
April 13, 2018
May 11, 2018 is the first day of occupancy for Faculty and Staff.
Penn State Ag Sci devotees' gifts endow scholarship, name office in new building
April 10, 2018
With a $30,000 gift matched 2:1 by the University, alumnus John Graham and his wife, Carol, have established the John and Carol Graham Open Doors Scholarship in the College of Agricultural Sciences. With an additional $30,000 contribution, they named the office of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department chair in the soon-to-be-completed Agricultural Engineering Building at University Park.
Research opportunities open new doors for biorenewable systems student
April 10, 2018
BRS student Janelle Thompson has found her niche at Penn State with the help of the opportunities she has had through undergraduate research.
Catchmark receives College of Agricultural Sciences Research Innovators Award
April 10, 2018
Jeffrey Catchmark, professor of agricultural and biological engineering, is a recipient of the Research Innovators Award, given by Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences to recognize faculty and staff who have commercialized technologies generated through Penn State research.
Two engineering programs make significant jumps in U.S. News graduate rankings
March 23, 2018
Biological Engineering continues to be ranked in the top 10 of its specialty categories.
Susan McNulty-Atwater Receives Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award
March 15, 2018
Susan McNulty-Atwater, a Penn State agricultural and biological engineering alumna, was recently named one of 12 recipients of the 2018 Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award.
Journal of Agromedicine “Leader in the Field” 2018: Dennis J. Murphy, PhD
March 5, 2018
"As a leader in agricultural safety and health, we can’t imagine anyone is more widely respected and deserving of this award than Dr. Dennis Murphy." By Barbara C. Lee PhD, Senior Associate Editor
Biorenewable systems senior reflects on how Penn State helped shape her future
February 20, 2018
Akintola is majoring in biorenewable systems (bioproducts option) in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, with a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation.
Presence, persistence of estrogens in vernal pools an emerging concern
February 14, 2018
The findings of the research, which was published this month in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, are significant, according to Heather Gall, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering, whose research group led the study.
How these Penn State students turned their major into a BioRenewable Systems club
February 13, 2018
Penn State students may not be aware of the BioRenewable Systmes major but one club is working hard to change that.
ABE Students Inspect Tractor Cab Designs
January 26, 2018
Cab Evaluation is part of the ASM 420 lab taught by Dr. Jude Liu.
USDA-NIFA Funding Supports Farmers with Disabilities, Youth Safety Programs
January 10, 2018
Michael Pate, Nationwide Insurance Associate Professor of Agricultural Safety and Health, and Linda Fetzer, extension associate, coordinate Penn State Extension's participation in the SAY program.
Fall 2017 Graduates
January 3, 2018
The ABE Faculty and Staff wish to congratulate our Fall 2017 Graduates.