Howard Salis, Assistant Professor, receives recognition for Breakthrough Article

Posted: December 4, 2015

The Salis Lab has published an NAR Breakthrough Article on the predictive design and engineering of RNA-based sensor.

Nucleic Acids Research (NAR), Breakthrough Articles present high-impact studies answering long-standing questions in the field of nucleic acids research and/or opening up new areas and mechanistic hypotheses for investigation.

These articles are chosen by the Editors on the recommendation of Editorial Board Members and Referees. Articles are accompanied by a brief synopsis explaining the findings of the paper and where they fit in the broader context of nucleic acids research. They represent the very best papers published at NAR.

To review the publication from the Salis Lab titled Automated physics-based design of synthetic riboswitches from diverse RNA aptamers by Amin Espah Borujeni, Dennis M. Mishler, Jingzhi Wang, Walker Huso, and Howard M. Salis, please visit the Oxford Journal website.

For more information about Dr. Salis lab please visit his website, where you can also design your own Genetic Systems with the Salis Lab's DNA Compiler.

Congratulations to the Salis Lab Team!