Potential Career Paths

As society looks to the future, renewable resources and materials will be the means of meeting the needs of a growing population. The rapid infusion of technology to the agricultural and natural resources industries has created a void of qualified personnel, which our graduates are uniquely poised to fill. In short, BRS offers the right tools for the future.

Career opportunities for students majoring in BRS are diverse, and the demand for graduates is expected to be very strong.  According to the USDA, scientists, engineers, managers, sales representatives, and marketing specialists will account for 73% of the total annual U.S. employment openings for new college graduates with expertise in agricultural and food sciences in the early 21st century.

BRS graduates may find jobs as market analysts, policy advocates, quality assurance managers, materials brokers, production-line supervisors, sales associates, educators, or technical service specialists within bioproducts or agricultural industries.  These opportunities may be entrepreneurial, within small businesses, or with large food, agricultural, forest products, or industrial machinery firms. We expect our graduates to advance quickly in their fields. The success of our past graduates in related fields has created a continuing demand for future graduates. Recent annual starting salaries in these fields range from $35,000 to $60,000.

Just a few of many career choices are available to you include:

  • Agricultural business consultant
  • Applications specialist
  • Adhesives sales
  • Building product sales
  • Distribution trader or manager
  • Construction supervisor
  • Educator
  • International trade representative
  • Farm/ranch manager
  • Plant production manager
  • Product manager
  • Sales manager
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Marketing analyst
  • Policy advocate
  • Service manager
  • Technical sales representative
  • Technical specialist
  • Test analyst
  • Training coordinator