Potential Career Paths

Biological Engineering provides a diverse background that leads to excellent career placement. Biological engineers design systems and processes from machinery to biologically-based products such as bioenergy and pharmaceuticals.

There are many rewarding careers in Biological Engineering if you:

  • Desire to combine interests in engineering, agriculture, biological sciences, and the environment
  • Want to apply engineering to living, biological systems
  • Like to experiment with machinery, structures, or processes
  • Enjoy finding engineering solutions to critical problems
  • Seek challenges in integrating high-tech, cost-effective designs in a growth industry

Where do Biological Engineering Graduates Work?

Graduates are in demand regionally, nationally, and internationally. Graduates may find careers in private industry, government service, universities, engineering consulting firms, and other areas. In private industry, graduates have found positions in research, design, analysis, development, and management.” Many of these jobs are with bio-based product development (e.g. Merck, Johnson and Johnson), food processing (e.g. Hershey Foods, General Foods, Kellogg’s), off-road machinery development (e.g. New Holland, Caterpillar, John Deere), soil and water protection (e.g. Natural Resources Conservation Service, environmental engineering consulting firms), materials handling (e.g. MacLanahan Corp.), wood structures (e.g. RigidPly, Timber Tech), or plant and crop storage (e.g Cargill).