Student Engagement Opportunities

Agricultural Engineering Building Project-Student Engagement

Agricultural Engineering Building Project

Student Engagement Opportunities
PSU students and faculty are welcome to learn more about the IPD process, participate in academic activities related to the project’s design and implementation, and learn from the on-going project design and construction process.  

Please contact John Bechtel () for more information about participating in student engagement opportunities:

Future Student Engagement Opportunities:

  • Visit the IPD team’s ‘Little Big Room’:  This is currently located on the 2nd floor of the Ag Engineering building in room 241. This is the design and construction team’s shared, on-campus collaboration space.  The configuration of the workspace supports group decision-making, and materials on the walls memorialize project history as well as current project status.
  • Attend a team IDW (Interdisciplinary Design Workshop):  During preconstruction efforts, the team meets regularly on campus.  Students are welcome and encouraged to attend all IDWs. Please contact John Bechtel for dates and agendas of upcoming IDW meetings.
  • Specific academic course work:  Faculty sponsors are welcome to incorporate specific academic course work related to key topics encountered within the ABE Renewal project.   The project’s design and construction professionals will work with faculty to help create content specific to the project’s design and construction challenges and opportunities.  Potential themes might include:  visualization, energy analysis, day lighting, acoustics, sustainable building products, sustainable sites, construction logistics, or many others.
  • AE 497, Independent Study:  Students interested in specific academic areas may be able to craft course work inspired by the IPD ABE Renewal project.

Past Student Engagement Opportunities:

  • AE 497, Independent Study:  Academic course work related to OPP delivery methods, IPD methodology (specifically ABE Renewal project) including PSU's journey towards IPD.  Fall Semester 2015.
  • ARCH 443, Class Field Trip:  To EYP’s New York City offices. Fall 2015 semester.
  • AE 475, Guest Lecture: DPR’s Senior Project Manager, Craig Davis, presented on the ‘Last Planner’ pull planning system being utilized on the Agricultural Engineering project and all DPR projects.  Fall 2015 semester.
  • ARCH 412, Guest Lecture: PSU OPP’s John Bechtel provided an overview of the ABE Renewal project and the IPD delivery process.  Fall 2015 semester.
  • Summer Internships: DPR, EYP, and PSU OPP have each hired student interns from PSU academic programs to work in their offices for summer employment.  Summer 2015.
  • ARCH 442 Co-Lab semester-long design project was the ABE Renewal project. PSU Ag Eng IPD team members attended studio critiques and final presentations, providing input and feedback on student teams’ designs.  Spring 2015 semester.